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Pond Dipping

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Pond Dipping is a great way to discover a whole new world of wildlife. If you have your own pond, it is also a way to investigate if it's healthy or not and what wildlife it could be missing.

Some of the animals you can find when pond dipping include larva, snails, shrimp, pond skaters, beetles and other bugs, as well as bigger animals like frogs, toads and newts.

All you need for pond dipping is a net and a plastic tub. A magnifying glass is useful to view the pond creatures easily. A a pond life guide will help you identify your findings.

We keep a set of equipment for pond dipping at the centre.

Nets and containers must be clean as diseases can be transferred if they are contaminated - bad news for wildlife like frogs and newts.

Find a pond to dip into, collect some water and, then trail your net through to pick up creatures. Try and find out more about the creatures wriggling and writhing in your net. Be careful not to pull out any plants if you can help it because they might have eggs of dragonflies or other creatures attached to them.

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